Remove negative energies from your land ( Commercial or Residential)

Who needs Space Healing?
 Are you going through business loss?
 Are you losing your old client or not getting the new clients?
 Are you feeling stuck in life?
 Are you not finding a right buyer for your property?
 Are you not finding a good tenant for your property?
 Are you experiencing unusual events like unnecessary arguments, fights etc.?
 Do you feel energy drain?
 Do you feel that your property is haunted?
The Healing Zone (THZ) offers Space Healing services in helping you to clear such issues very easily. THZ is serving people by clearing the negativity from their space and making a space for your abundance. Believe, it is easy and simple to resolve such issues by bringing the positivity into your space or property and letting go the negativity, which might be due to any reason. Imagine that how beautiful it is to sell your property in good rates, getting and retaining business opportunities, feeling fresh and energetic and having good relations around you.
What are benefits of space healing?
 Improves health of the residents.
 Enhances financial abundance.
 Harmonizes relationships.
 Heals emotions
 Heals disease like High/ Low B.P, Obesity etc.
 Helps in Anger management
 Helps in Stress management
 Awakens the soul callings and much more

What is Space Healing? 

Our You  tube video for space healing

Space Healing provides a safe space for mind, body and spirit and heals them from within.. This ancient intuitive technique is a practical and easy way of empowering yourself as the whole environment around you gets blessed, activated and healthy. Everything around becomes synced universally and thus provides a breeding and breathing space for good health, harmonized relationships and all kinds of success and progress that you dream of removing it’s blockages if they are in your environment.

Your life gets affected by everything that happens in the space around us. Everything is energy and energy in everything influences your life. People you interact or live with, place where you dwell or work, furniture, plants, pets ; just about everything including the empty space and the air and emotions even the thoughts travelling through the thin layer affect your life and living. You must have experienced even if you are not aware that some clash happened in a place just before you entered that place, a kind of perceptive heaviness is felt and some intuitive and more sensitive people complain of headache and nausea etc. What is that “odd vibes” , “strange feeling” , “felt awkward”, “unexplainable discomfort” etc. ? All these could be just the impact of the words or energy of words or even thoughts apart from waywards or hanging spirits that are trapped in the space you are moving about in. We all experience some variations in energies in different places and also sometimes in the same place at different times. (Pl watch video on the right to know more)

Have you ever noticed how fresh and welcoming it feels when a new outlet/showroom/mall opens? But after some time passes the same place starts to feel “not so inviting”. Why does that happen? It so happens because of the stuck up & stagnant energy builds up and can make you feel trapped and stuck in time warp kind of feeling. It may alos bring feelings like ‘hopelessness’ , ‘loneliness’ , ‘being not lucky’ etc. which more often than not can become a reason for personal, social & professional issues. Thus, space healing can help you enhance every area of your life.

When is it appropriate to have Space Healing?

It is best to get a Space Healing done without a reason. It is like a energy make over for our home or workplace. Just like one feels refreshed and rejuvenated after a Spa visit, similarly the energetic space healing does the same for your physical & environmental space. If you are not so enthusiastic about your health and peace, you may wait for a reason to appear. There are many reasons for which one can get Space Healing done. It is time to get your space healed when you feel tired and depressed, health suffers, finances and relationships are not going nice without any apparent reason.

Our You  tube video for space healing

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Delhi with out CM – A dramatic turn


It is ironical to point out Arvind’s kejriwal resignation as drama, where as the “AAM” janta has been experienced and lived lot of dramas of fake commitments by previous parties and leaders. Probably, it is pains for those voters, who are thinking that kejriwal have cheated them. People expected a lot but he is a quitter. Are they really angry or just a reaction out of insecurity that who can replace this educated, responsible, sensible and daring ex –CM.

In many areas of delhi, if you ask local vegetable seller, no one comes to take ‘Hafta’ from them since Arvind Kejriwal has become CM. This arrogance and sarcasm of people towards Arvind kajriwal after his resignation is just a reaction of insecurity because no doubt there is no better CM than kejriwal, other parties are not able to even claim it. There had been No minister who dared to cut down CNG prices by RS 15 in one shot even in 10 years so what is the point if this new party left the post of CM to do things on a broader level. It is all about faith of public, whosoever is our minister in Lok sabha public should have the focus on the growth of the entire nation. No doubt that he has kept his promises for water and power. No other government even dared to think about 1984 victims It is amazing that these 49 days of AAP party gave a sense of security in minds of Delhiites , along with some balanced as well as over expectations. His resignation for not passing the Lokpal may not seem justified but no one has suggested the solution rather. Lot of critics were there when Arvind Kejriwal ws on “dharna” , last month for his demands for Delhi Police. At that public had issue that what is he doing, when he agreed support from Congress to form a government, people had issue that why he agreed, when he resigned with an intention to come into full power, public has issue he has cheated them. This confusion and lack of focus of public left DELHI without CM. Words of Kejriwal during ANNA andalon “ Keechad ko saaf karne ke liye keechad mein utrna padta hai “ . In the span of 49 days this one man army has done wonders in Delhi, which is probably not noticeable for the public, and probably the public is more busy to watch his performance and point of lacks. The leader might not be as smart as others are but Delhi is forgetting that they had chosen him NOT FOR HIS SMARTNESS BUT FOR HIS BEING DIFFERENT.


It is not about ONE MAN, it about the whole AAM aadmi, who trusted one man to lead them, and many of such AAM aadmi are feeling, cheated on NO grounds, actually. The question is that DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT AAM AADMI PARTY was not aware of such challenges? Not only the party but was public not aware of his challenges. Public who liked this party because this party was detached from the personal need of Political power, was always ready to resign for their work, then what is the question of surprise? . Let’s come to the point, anyone in the world when intends to do social welfare, he has to face social challenges as well. So here it is, ex- CM could not take actions against Delhi Police, he could not pass the bill easily, when he was so bounded , isn’t it justified that he is looking for some other reason to attain full power. May be the generations forgotten that politics is just a method to do social welfare with power.

As a citizen I feel that because of this man, whosoever comes in Loksabha will make an extra effort to prove himself/herself now. One solution, can be to stand for a corruption free Delhi, security for girls, free education system instead who will do it and how it will be done. It is not about a man, not about a party, it is about our own freedom, our own fundamental right . Resignation of one man can’t cheat crores , it is an illusion, these crores have power of Democracy, using it with mind and heart not by words of media and politicians can change society around us.

Jai Hind

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God I love you

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I still remember the day when one of my friends mentioned about existence of Law of attraction. It was an half an hour discussion on the road side while coming from office three years back. I understood a bit and rest I thought that I have understood everything.

Life is always kind and beautiful to me and so the Universe gifted me with a session with Dr. Monica Nagpal after a year, she is the founder of the The Healing Zone (THZ) . I seriously walked in to get rid of my anger for anger. But in few minutes my meeting with her changed my whole perception. When I came out I was filled and surrounded with thoughts of Love. The first half day of my life when i was thinking about all loved ones in my life.

To summarize, she showed me how my own beliefs and thoughts are creating my life. Despite of my half faith and many doubts about Healing and Healers, she had lot of compassion and purity. That one session became the starting point of my self realization and strength. BECAUSE I BELIEVED THAT THIS SESSION WILL BRING A POSITIVE CHANGE IN ME AND UNIVERSE GAVE ME MUCH MORE THAN I PLANNED. I ACCEPT IT GRACEFULLY.

I will be glad if you shall take the benefit

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Understanding life is an interesting chapter of life. Knowing life leads to you different path, may be something which you have never done before . To know, follow and act with different perceptions, one must be having a different purpose. The difference of these perceptions is a big tool to look at life, the life, an energy around our existence all the time, is dependent on our perception. In other words, life won’t control us our perception, our thinking controls our life. The circumstances and events around us happening in our life are a reflection of us, a reflection of our thoughts, positive or negative.

In reality, the energy of life is neutral but abundant, it is us that how are we accepting it. Take a momen


t and think do you know yourself without comparing yourself to anyone. If I am writing it, I know I also stand in the queue of people who cannot think about their own abundance without comparison. And, I believe acceptance of this fact is the first step towards KNOW YOURSELF.

Take a paper and pen or close your eyes and think about yourself, just about yourself like how do you feel about yourself , what do you want to achieve in life etc.. watch your thoughts while thinking about yourself , ARE YOU COMPARING OR COMPETING WITH SOMEONE ELSE.

Again life is how we perceive it, if someone take it as competition,  then yes it is full of competition. If someone wants to put whole energy into knowing someone else then you will get lot of opportunities to know someone else rather than KNOWING YOURSELF, which is your true jgoal.

Creators-House, a publishing platform for self motivational products. Our vision is to help people to know more about themselves.

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adat to nahi

aksar sochta hai ye dil kahin teri aadat to nahi

tu na hua jo kisi pal to main ro padun

kahin tu aisi koi aadat to nahi

beshak tera sath hona na jaane kitni ibadaton ka sila hai

dundta hai aajkal dil ki, tu kabhi sath na ho

jaane anjaane maine aisi koi pal kahin maanga to nahi

tere naam se jis kadar khil uthta  hai ye dil

kabhi kabhi lagta hai ki …

aksar sochta hai ye dil kahin teri aadat to nahi

tu na hua jo kisi pal to main ro padun

kahin tu aisi koi aadat to nahiyaar ye kahin sirf dillagi to nahi ..

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dono hath utha

abhi aankhon ko khuch chuaa nahi

aur khabhar toofan ki aa gayi

hum thode se sehmey bhi magar

fir zor se hansi bhi aayi…

socha jo toofan dikhta hai wo sach hai,

ya hai koi brahm ki parchaayi

humne suni khmaoshi apni dono hath uthakar apne

‘tu bata teri raza kya hai’ ye aawaz humein aayi

maine khud se poocha phir ki kabhi jo pyaar dil bhula hi nahi

usmein dooriyon ki baat kahaan se aayi

jo mera hai wo taiy hai, kahin aur jaana hi nahi

yehi soch sach ki parat saaf hoti najar aayi ..

humne dono hath utha allah ko aawaz lagayi

ek pal ki der nahi thi ki toofan ki disha badalti nazr aayi..

ye shukriya khuda ko mera laakhon baar

jiski rehmat se meri duniya mein khushi najar aayi..







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waqt kahan tha…

mere pass waqt kahan ki main ye ijhaar karta

baithta kabhi hathon mein hath lekar

fir hath thame rakhne ka ijhaar karta…

tujhe dekhta rehta hamesha hi chup chup kar

aur phir sooni raahein dekh tujhe har pal yaad karta…

rest in Thoughtscafe 2013

Thoughtscafe Neha

Thoughtscafe Neha

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Eyes Healing – No surgery – Dr. Monica Nagpal

It might be surprising that it is possible to remove eye glasses without any surgery or laser treatment. Yes, it has happened with people who took healing sessions from Dr. Monica Nagpal, who is a psychic and an expert to help to resolve an issue from the root.

Our body is made up of cells and each cell is made up of DNA. Around each DNA there is a

Eyes healing - Monica Nagpal

Eyes healing – Monica Nagpal

morphogenetic field consisting beliefs of the person.  These beliefs and information creates overall personality and behavior of a person. Any disorder in the body and in any organ of the body can be healed by making the balance in the body through the source- The Creator of All That Is.

Dr. Monica Nagpal, founder of The Healing Zone (THZ) has great experience to heal eyes of people and to remove glasses without any laser surgery. Read the testimonial from the healed:

“In September 2010, I was attending a ThetaHealing Disease & Disorder class in India. I was pairing up with Monica Nagpal and when we reached the chapter about the eyes, she told me “let’s remove your glasses”. I have been wearing eye glasses for several years due to astigmatism in both eyes.

She started clearing my negative beliefs and by the end of the session, I felt a very strong rush all over my body which was a confirmation of an instant healing.

And since then, I have never worn my eye glasses/contacts/or have done any eye correction surgery but I see perfectly.

Am forever grateful to Creator of All that is, to Vianna Stibal, and to my & Monica’s faith :)

With Thetahealing every day is a miracle.”

                                                                                                            Maya Badran


The source for the above testimonial is taken from the link

Dr. Monica Nagpal

The Healing Zone (THZ)


Facebook Page: The Healing Zone

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Moving Forward


Who says that belief of fear moving forward never comes again once you have attained a certain spiritual growth. Every time you have a beginning it leads you to go through to release some more  beliefs on more deeper level. Focusing on the result that

you have chosen to create helps to overcome fear of moving forward and unknown faster.

Now, when you know from where have you started and you believe that what will you get which you want, it is important to live the process of reaching at destination with joy, with perspective of unconditional love. It is that ‘how’ you reached to the end, what all blocks you have released brings greater understanding of self worth- the key of all issues.

Gratitude Creator of all that is

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