Kayi baar..


Thoughtscafe – Neha Mittal 

itna roya dil ki, hansi ko dho gaya
gujzre khuch waqt mein uthaya kalam ko kayi baar
manaya syaahi ko kayi baar
mil kar khushnuma likhein
itna roya dil ki, hansi ko dho gaya

main khud ko tanha kehne se darta raha
guzre waqt mein baith kar gine sanghi kayi baar
manaya apne guroor ko kayi baar
mil kar is tanhayi ko door karein
main khud ko tanha kehne se darta raha
itna roya ye dil ki, hansi ko dho gaya

socha ek waada karun jab bhi likhun muskura kar likhun
guzre waqt mein samjhaya waqt ko kayi baar
manaya lakeeron ko kayi baaar
aa mil kar is waaade ko pura karein
koshish to bahut ki per chip na saka apne
aks se baar baar
itna roya ye dil ki hansi ko dho gaya ..

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Wounds to Acceptance

Self Acceptance Creators House

Self Acceptance Creators House

I started long back with a commitment of acceptance followed by continuous persistence of being aware. Initially it was awesome, the journey was smooth, then with little more commitment  of clearing toxins from my consciousness it became harder to see the truth of my karma. But i knew strongly that i was on the right path, i was accepting myself more, daily. Self acceptance helped me to defend any negativity in any area of life, these jerks cud take away my peace only for a while. At some point, probably my desires of goals was more supported by the shield of inner and in-depth ego that I could face the entire mess easily. Nothing was wrong about it but I stopped telling myself that I needed to learn more and everyday. By God’s grace I became aware of this in-depth ego in short span time of time.

My ego was shocked and surprised that i could had any EGO it started hurting my acceptance level, my acceptance being, my self love being… very deeply. It weakened the defense natural and divine mechanism within me and negativity in life seemed to be multiplied, started influencing my level of peace. Slowly and slowly it grasped almost every vain of my self worth and torn my acceptance being into millions of pieces. I started encountering those pieces and will to regain only during meditations or forced silence within me.

So one harsh awareness of facing my harsh and ugly ego being made me sick slowly and slowly which i could not understand for long time. I have forgotten that it was just a simple step of awareness and intense acceptance. Somewhere I feel regret that I could not do the way I could do it. Today, I understand that it was not a surprise, agenda of our journey on earth is to discover our true self …where starting point is Ego being ( our body, name, sense of fake powers etc) and end point is Our true self. But when we carry such information at any level may be from past lives from current lives or any impure need of power in our subconscious mind like we don’t need to learn more, now we know god completely, god will not do justice to my enemies, no one is better than me … POISON to self acceptance.

It was my major wound to acceptance.

Self Acceptance Creators House

Self Acceptance Creators House

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Am I Depressed?

depressedI was ignoring answer of this question from last six months though i got a ‘Yes’ several times.

How this state of denial was helping me to remain more depressed? Yes, this denial helped my depression not ‘ME’ . I tried validating it from other people during this time period ..”hey do you think I am depressed.”.” oh..i suffered so much that anyone can be depressed but i am not”…  they also made their efforts to make sure that i am all right .

Of course! they are my well wishers

Then why I am happily accepting today that I have Depression issue.

The word depression is a taboo, and i was a part of it. After trying all dramas and drama of denials, i have reached to the first step of my healing ” Acceptance” . I COULD NOT FEEL “me” IN THE WHOLE DRAMA. I am craving for me in real so i am ready to accept that denial from an issue helps the issue not me.

I don’t have much to say today but I know soon i will share my story of getting healed

Let’s go further…

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Miracle of God

Living..Miracle of God

Living..Miracle of God

Just before the moment, I was motivated to write a blog because of my pain.. i wanted to pen down words of my heart.  Here I Go..

I am feeling most beautiful days of my life just like when i was inside my mother’s womb, I could feel the outside world but I could not meet them. I could feel the excitement of doing few wonderful things but I had no idea how ? I could feel pain but never knew how it will impact me when I am grown up.  I could see only darkness inside the womb but was surviving happily everyday as God’s miracle.

I am same today. I see only the darkness, noise and pain around me but I can’t see the source of such things. My heart is impacted but I know I have to do few wonderful Job here in this world only. SO I AM SURVIVING ON GOD’S MIRACLE.

My birth was a god miracle and today my existence is a God’s miracle. During this journey, I feel it is an achievement to come at this time where I am ready to come in this world again with awareness of noise and betrayals here.. with a very very strong believe and faith that ” The source is holding me with his light irrespective of how much darkness crosses by ” I am sitting to write a new script today to fulfill his plan for me.  I am more awaken and living so attached with the womb. Going ahead on the grounds of this faith is not easy .. certainly .. but much more beautiful than i though it could be …



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khud se pehle

Tanha bhi kahaan tha tere bina

phir bhi tujhe paane ki zid kar baitha download

khud ko paagla kahun ya deewana

ki khud se pehle tujhse ishq karne ki aarzoo kar baitha

tinka tinka zod ek ghar to bana liya

har saaman hote huye main

tere ishq se use aabad karne ka khawaab saja baitha

tere iljaamon laagane ki taalim ko

kitaabon mein bandh kar ke baitha hun

kitna pagla hun ..jo bewafaayi teri ragon mein hai

main use wafa mein badalne ki aarzoo kar baitha

naam to jud gaya tujhse mera

per tere gurror ke bheed mein

use aur roshan karne ka intejaam kar baitha

tanha bhi kahaan tha tere bina

phir bhi tujhe paane ki zid kar baitha

khud ko paagla kahun ya deewana

ki khud se pehle tujhse ishq karne ki aarzoo kar baitha

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zindagi Intejaar karti hai

Creators House

Thoughtscafe Neha Mittal

Ab theher kar zindagi bhi sawaal karti hai

Khud ki ehmiyat hai itni ki

Har sham hisaab karti hai

Kabhi ye shakhs mere naam ka bhaaga agar

To hans kar ye zindagi uska intejar karti hai

 Ab theher kar zindagi bhi sawaal karti hai

Khud ki ehmiyat hai itni ki

Har sham hisaab karti hai...


Rest in Thoughtscafe 2


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Could I skip the process of change ?

Creation is a process

Creation is a process

A day could not bring this change; a moment cannot create the creation. Creation is a process but destruction may happen in a moment. So I had been going through for ascension and mastering of my soul. From healed to broken, laugh to grief, grief to relax, relax to restlessness, I have been experiencing the jerks and fluctuations of life with hold of divine. Nothing can sway me away and fetch the charm of my identity. Though the moment holds absence of love and harmony, I must say I feel to come out from the process of creation. I probably regret the responsibility of being co-creator of my own life. Yes, I cannot see any materialistic success yet, though it is not my true success. I am certain to achieve the soul purpose then what is putting me into trouble. My fear of being not balanced, I feel at times scared to either too materialistic or too spiritual but I am sure I will come out clean, pure, safe, secure and abundant.

Process of creation can be proponed or postponed but it cannot be avoided. I was wondering if I close my eyes and see the entire peaceful change when I open it. Does it really happen or am I not making the appropriate efforts?  I just want to pour out all pain and quit from the jerks one has to go through while shedding all negativity. Isn’t it there any way to let good things happen by sitting ideally? I know it’s a stupid thought.  Each day life took a turn, when every day I learnt a new lesson, when each day I have shared with Universe then I have become what I am today. A moment could not make you what you are today and A SINGLE MOMENT CANNOT MAKE YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO BE TOMORROW

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Zamane se poocha



zamane bhar se maine poocha ki
sache ishq ki koi dawa bata de..
logon ne kaha, jab ye dawa mile
to thodi si bhi humein bhi khila de

ruk ruk kar bahut se sheher mein
maine poocha ki
koi sahi gali to dikha de
log kehne laga ki tujhe agar sahi gali mil jaaye
to humein bhi dikha de

maine hajaaron se poocha
ki pal bhar sukkon se reh sakun
aisa ek ghar dilwa de..
log kehne lage ki sirf daulat se
agar aisa ghar mil sakta ho
to humein bhi do-char dilwa de…

zamane bhar se maine poocha ki
sache ishq ki koi dawa bata de..

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Remove negative energies from your land ( Commercial or Residential)

Who needs Space Healing?
 Are you going through business loss?
 Are you losing your old client or not getting the new clients?
 Are you feeling stuck in life?
 Are you not finding a right buyer for your property?
 Are you not finding a good tenant for your property?
 Are you experiencing unusual events like unnecessary arguments, fights etc.?
 Do you feel energy drain?
 Do you feel that your property is haunted?
The Healing Zone (THZ) offers Space Healing services in helping you to clear such issues very easily. THZ is serving people by clearing the negativity from their space and making a space for your abundance. Believe, it is easy and simple to resolve such issues by bringing the positivity into your space or property and letting go the negativity, which might be due to any reason. Imagine that how beautiful it is to sell your property in good rates, getting and retaining business opportunities, feeling fresh and energetic and having good relations around you.
What are benefits of space healing?
 Improves health of the residents.
 Enhances financial abundance.
 Harmonizes relationships.
 Heals emotions
 Heals disease like High/ Low B.P, Obesity etc.
 Helps in Anger management
 Helps in Stress management
 Awakens the soul callings and much more

What is Space Healing? 

Our You  tube video for space healing 

Space Healing provides a safe space for mind, body and spirit and heals them from within.. This ancient intuitive technique is a practical and easy way of empowering yourself as the whole environment around you gets blessed, activated and healthy. Everything around becomes synced universally and thus provides a breeding and breathing space for good health, harmonized relationships and all kinds of success and progress that you dream of removing it’s blockages if they are in your environment.

Your life gets affected by everything that happens in the space around us. Everything is energy and energy in everything influences your life. People you interact or live with, place where you dwell or work, furniture, plants, pets ; just about everything including the empty space and the air and emotions even the thoughts travelling through the thin layer affect your life and living. You must have experienced even if you are not aware that some clash happened in a place just before you entered that place, a kind of perceptive heaviness is felt and some intuitive and more sensitive people complain of headache and nausea etc. What is that “odd vibes” , “strange feeling” , “felt awkward”, “unexplainable discomfort” etc. ? All these could be just the impact of the words or energy of words or even thoughts apart from waywards or hanging spirits that are trapped in the space you are moving about in. We all experience some variations in energies in different places and also sometimes in the same place at different times. (Pl watch video on the right to know more)

Have you ever noticed how fresh and welcoming it feels when a new outlet/showroom/mall opens? But after some time passes the same place starts to feel “not so inviting”. Why does that happen? It so happens because of the stuck up & stagnant energy builds up and can make you feel trapped and stuck in time warp kind of feeling. It may alos bring feelings like ‘hopelessness’ , ‘loneliness’ , ‘being not lucky’ etc. which more often than not can become a reason for personal, social & professional issues. Thus, space healing can help you enhance every area of your life.

When is it appropriate to have Space Healing?

It is best to get a Space Healing done without a reason. It is like a energy make over for our home or workplace. Just like one feels refreshed and rejuvenated after a Spa visit, similarly the energetic space healing does the same for your physical & environmental space. If you are not so enthusiastic about your health and peace, you may wait for a reason to appear. There are many reasons for which one can get Space Healing done. It is time to get your space healed when you feel tired and depressed, health suffers, finances and relationships are not going nice without any apparent reason.

Our You  tube video for space healing 

Contact Us http://www.thzthehealingzone.com 


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Delhi with out CM – A dramatic turn


It is ironical to point out Arvind’s kejriwal resignation as drama, where as the “AAM” janta has been experienced and lived lot of dramas of fake commitments by previous parties and leaders. Probably, it is pains for those voters, who are thinking that kejriwal have cheated them. People expected a lot but he is a quitter. Are they really angry or just a reaction out of insecurity that who can replace this educated, responsible, sensible and daring ex –CM.

In many areas of delhi, if you ask local vegetable seller, no one comes to take ‘Hafta’ from them since Arvind Kejriwal has become CM. This arrogance and sarcasm of people towards Arvind kajriwal after his resignation is just a reaction of insecurity because no doubt there is no better CM than kejriwal, other parties are not able to even claim it. There had been No minister who dared to cut down CNG prices by RS 15 in one shot even in 10 years so what is the point if this new party left the post of CM to do things on a broader level. It is all about faith of public, whosoever is our minister in Lok sabha public should have the focus on the growth of the entire nation. No doubt that he has kept his promises for water and power. No other government even dared to think about 1984 victims It is amazing that these 49 days of AAP party gave a sense of security in minds of Delhiites , along with some balanced as well as over expectations. His resignation for not passing the Lokpal may not seem justified but no one has suggested the solution rather. Lot of critics were there when Arvind Kejriwal ws on “dharna” , last month for his demands for Delhi Police. At that public had issue that what is he doing, when he agreed support from Congress to form a government, people had issue that why he agreed, when he resigned with an intention to come into full power, public has issue he has cheated them. This confusion and lack of focus of public left DELHI without CM. Words of Kejriwal during ANNA andalon “ Keechad ko saaf karne ke liye keechad mein utrna padta hai “ . In the span of 49 days this one man army has done wonders in Delhi, which is probably not noticeable for the public, and probably the public is more busy to watch his performance and point of lacks. The leader might not be as smart as others are but Delhi is forgetting that they had chosen him NOT FOR HIS SMARTNESS BUT FOR HIS BEING DIFFERENT.


It is not about ONE MAN, it about the whole AAM aadmi, who trusted one man to lead them, and many of such AAM aadmi are feeling, cheated on NO grounds, actually. The question is that DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT AAM AADMI PARTY was not aware of such challenges? Not only the party but was public not aware of his challenges. Public who liked this party because this party was detached from the personal need of Political power, was always ready to resign for their work, then what is the question of surprise? . Let’s come to the point, anyone in the world when intends to do social welfare, he has to face social challenges as well. So here it is, ex- CM could not take actions against Delhi Police, he could not pass the bill easily, when he was so bounded , isn’t it justified that he is looking for some other reason to attain full power. May be the generations forgotten that politics is just a method to do social welfare with power.

As a citizen I feel that because of this man, whosoever comes in Loksabha will make an extra effort to prove himself/herself now. One solution, can be to stand for a corruption free Delhi, security for girls, free education system instead who will do it and how it will be done. It is not about a man, not about a party, it is about our own freedom, our own fundamental right . Resignation of one man can’t cheat crores , it is an illusion, these crores have power of Democracy, using it with mind and heart not by words of media and politicians can change society around us.

Jai Hind

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